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Stray from the path: How to live the life you’ve always wanted

How do you plan to live your life? Do you see it as being the life everyone else leads? Finishing education before living a life spent mostly in a career or over a series of jobs. Working simply as a means for making money to survive, to buy nice things and save for retirement. Most people will plan their lives

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How nootropics work: A beginner’s guide to pharmacology

Before I get into the specifics of nootropics I’m going to provide an overview into how drugs actually work on the brain. Essentially I’m giving a short guide to pharmacology. That way when you are doing your own research and coming across descriptions of drugs and certain terms, you fully understand what is being said. In addition, if you are

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Become more interesting: the values of being a lifelong learner

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Have you ever been around someone who gives off a vibe that makes you think they can be relied upon for anything? You can usually tell if you have encountered someone like this; they can join and participate in any conversation with ease, they display an amazing breadth of knowledge in a variety of fields, and they seem to be

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Become a master of many talents: A simple guide for developing experience

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The man of many talents; the polymath; the Renaissance man; the jack of all trades. All of these titles describe an individual that is developing themselves to become proficient in a number of different areas of life. These areas can be related to working life, sport, academia, and general worldly knowledge. The person that has developed a broad range of

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