Stray from the path: How to live the life you’ve always wanted

How do you plan to live your life? Do you see it as being the life everyone else leads? Finishing education before living a life spent mostly in a career or over a series of jobs. Working simply as a means for making money to survive, to buy nice things and save for retirement.

Most people will plan their lives to follow this path. It is hammered into us from a young age that you need an education to get trained in whatever specialised field that interests you, so that you can have a steady career that pays a comfortable income. However, many people aren’t aware of any alternative lifestyles. Or if they do, they are scared by them, never wanting to stray form their comfortable existence they were trained to pursue.

Lifestyles exist that don’t involve spending your whole life stuck in a job simply to survive while life passes you by. There are ways of living that give you the time you need to truly experience life to the fullest doing the things you love. And no, they aren’t reserved for the super rich, the fortunate, the super smart people. It can be attained by anyone with a working brain and a desire to live this way. All that is required is a little self motivation, a little risk, and initially some hard work without any pay. If you think are capable of meeting these requirements, you will set yourself up for a life of greater freedom and richer experiences.

For those that wish to live a life by their own terms, life becomes a challenge to develop a way of establishing this lifestyle. Once you do manage to break free from a life dependent on traditional 9 to 5 work and being limited to just a comfortable existence, you have succeeded and now have the time to live the life you want to live.

So after all this, what exactly do you have to do to establish this sort of lifestyle? The goal is to become financially independent; to not have to rely on a 9 to 5 job in order to survive, and be able to make a living with minimal personal input. Essentially, you want to establish a system that earns you enough income to survive and without requiring much work to maintain; i.e. a passive income.

Why should you work toward financial freedom?

What’s wrong with living a comfortable life in a stable job? There is nothing wrong with living a traditional lifestyle. It’s secure, you will have limited stress and be able to enjoy life without much worry. If you are happy then by all means stick to this lifestyle. This is for the people who will never feel as though they are living to their potential with a standard 9 to 5 lifestyle. This is for the people who won’t be happy unless they’re experiencing as much of life as possible, and spending it doing the things they love.

Here are some reasons for living a financially independent life.

You can buy experiences over things more. When you are stuck in a job, you are fixed to a routine that revolves around staying at home between work times. Over time you get bored of your home environment and have to make it better. This leads to the buying of things to improve your environment and give you a temporary feeling of fulfillment.

When you are financially independent you aren’t limited to one place. You can travel wherever you need to go, and have the whole working day to experience what you want. With having freedom, you’ll find yourself needing to buy things less, because you’ll have the time and money to have memorable experiences. What would make you happier at the end of the week? That new TV that is no better than your old one, or the lifelong memory of your skydiving adventure you shared with your best mate?

You have the time to do what you want when you want. You won’t be living to anyone else’s schedule but your own. You won’t be limited to the four weeks holiday a year that a traditional job would allow you in order to experience more of life. You can travel whenever you feel like it, work on your hobby or passion full time, or study. You can do whatever you choose without the worry of needing to go to the 9 to 5 to buy food and pay the bills. You can live your life to your own schedule, filling the time doing the things you want.

You will have the time and energy to become a better individual. With all this extra time you’ll have lots of energy to put toward becoming the person you want to become. Some of the greatest minds wouldn’t have made the discoveries they did had they not had the free time. Einstein worked in a job that required only a few hours of actual work while he spent the rest of the time working on his problems. Da Vinci was essentially a genius for hire and was sponsored to come up with the ideas he had.

Your life will be much more fulfilling. Imagine yourself in 10 years. When you look back on your time, will you be happy knowing you lived comfortably but spent half the time doing something you don’t enjoy? Or would you be happier knowing you took the risks and put in the effort and was able to spend all your time doing the things you are passionate about?


Obviously the idea of not having to do much work for money is incredibly appealing. However, it requires a lot of initial hard work and can be very risky. This is not something that a lot of people will be able to handle. All I’m saying is that you aren’t limited to a living the traditional lifestyle you’re trained to live because it is the easiest and most stable. If you’re willing to put in the work, it’s entirely possible to achieve financial freedom. You just have to ask yourself whether it is worth risking your comfortable existence in order to live a life set by your own standards, experiencing life the way you want to experience it.

In future posts I will identify the major obstacles that prevent people from taking the first step towards financial freedom and how to overcome them, and I will also explain how to become financially independent and help lead you in the right direction.

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