Summary: A compilation of skills and tips to become a more developed individual

developed individual

In previous articles I have explained different ways of improving overall performance in three different areas. These areas included improvement in mental performance, physical performance, and skill base so that you may gain life experience. Improving each of these three areas will allow you tackle any challenge in life with greater ease.

People always discuss how with everything going on in their lives it’s really difficult to find the time to develop themselves, whether it’s through improving fitness or undertaking courses to learn new skills. However, if people actually looked into the amount of time spent unproductively during their day, they might find they have all this spare time that they squander. If less time was spent mindlessly distracting themselves through Facebook or television, and more time spent on personal development, they may find they manage to achieve a lot more than they previously thought they could. Would you rather finish the day comfortably, only achieving the bare minimum, or would you rather know that you filled your entire day being industrious and doing things that you know would benefit you in the long run?

In developing yourself in all areas of your life you will be better utilising the biological tools available to you, namely the body and the brain. These tools are incredibly powerful and require constant maintenance like all tools in order to operate optimally. If performing optimally, you will find that achieving everyday goals will become a lot easier and you will find you will be able to achieve a lot more. Why would you let these biological tools deteriorate, making it more difficult to achieve everyday goals? I believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain their bodies and brains to the best level that they can so that they can achieve the most they can.

In order to achieve this state of being all that is required is to take a few small steps towards development.

Mind development

• Diet, exercise and sleep. Maintain healthy diet exercise and sleep habits so that you put your brain in its most productive state.
• Meditation. Perform regular meditation to improve focus, mental clarity and willpower.
• Reading. Regular reading will exercise your brain, allow you to learn new things, develop empathy with others and increase concentrative abilities.
• Dual N-back training. This game is incredibly useful at directly challenging and improving your working memory.

Physical development

• Kettlebell training. Not only does it provide all body exercise, it also increases practical strength.
• Parkour. This is a unique and fun way to develop endurance, agility, balance and greater control of your body.
• Yoga. Performing regular yoga is an efficient way to improve overall flexibility and stretch your muscles.
• Muay Thai. This is a martial art and form of kickboxing that can allow you to develop a greater control of the movements of your body and teach you confidence and self defence.

Experience development

• Language acquisition. Learning a new language will allow you to communicate with a larger range of people, make it easier to learn more languages, and is hugely rewarding.
• Writing. This is a skill that has applications in so many areas of life it is definitely worth cultivating. It develops your creative abilities, your communication abilities, and can greatly increase your influence if done well.
• Survival skills. Being able to look after yourself in the wilderness is a something everybody should be able to do. If you can’t look after yourself when the situation calls, it could be the difference between life and death.
• Handyman skills. Stop paying someone else to do something that is incredibly simple to learn and do yourself.


It really doesn’t take a lot to become a more well rounded and efficient individual. I’ve compiled a simple list of exercises that can be done to improve yourself mentally, physically, and at life in general. This list develops the most basic abilities necessary and is useful for providing a simple framework for becoming a more developed human being.

With this plan you have no excuse. Use this information to begin the path to becoming a more advanced individual. Once you have developed yourself you will be able to maximise your potential in all aspects of life and achieve human excellence.

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